Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Most Successful SEM Campaign Ever

I've been running a campaign on Google AdWords for ten days now, whose goal is to inform the largest amount of people possible that global warming is the biggest environment fraud of all time.

If you're interested do a search on Google for 'global warming', 'global warming research', or 'causes of global warming' and look for one of these ads:

Global Warming
The Biggest Environmental
Fraud Of All Time

Global Warming
It Doesn't Exist. Never Has.
Dare To Learn The Truth

10 Global Warming Myths
The Biggest Environmental Fraud
Of All Time, Debunked

I started the campaign after reading (get ready, this is deep) Michael Crighton's latest novel, 'State Of Fear', in which he weaves into his story enough factual data to produce the desired effect of getting the already skeptical silent majority of readers to realize that global warming is a big, fat hoax.

Yes, that's right - global warming is a fraud. If you're willing to suspend disbelief for a second, consider the following:

1) Most scientists do not believe human activities threaten to disrupt the Earth's climate.
2) The most reliable temperature data show no global warming trend.
3) Global computer models are too crude to predict future climate changes.
4) The IPCC did not prove that human activities are causing global warming.
5) A modest amount of global warming, should it occur, would be beneficial to the natural world and to human civilization.
6) Quickly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions would be costly and would not stop global warming.
7) The best strategy to pursue is one of "no regrets." [I say this on global warming, but a "no regrets" CO2 policy would be equally beneficial to deforestation]

If the topic is of interest to you, go here, here and here, and let me know if you agree or disagree; either way I'll still love you.

Over ten days I've had

123,474 impressions, 4,805 clicks = 3.8% CTR on search
279,481 impressions, 1,744 clicks = 0.6% CTR on content
My average position started at 5.5 and finished at 3.5, and average CPC was ~$0.08.

I need to find a very weathly person who cares as much as I do about certain public policy issues, and who wants to free as many minds as possible from the liberal trap American media has become. Anyone know anyone who fits the bill? I'm dead serious.

In all seriousness, though, I find it fascinating what one can do with AdWords in the domain of public policy, politics and even foreign relations. It's clear that right now it's really only the Democrats and more liberal organizations that are taking advantage of paid search, and I certainly hope that changes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SpotRunner - Web-Based Creation & Syndication of Local TV Ads

I just read about this cool new company Battery Ventures funded; the idea is to bring the same ease of use that, say, brings to party planning, cross it with the campaign execution capabilities of Google's AdWords product, and voila!, you have a web-based Local TV Ad Creation and Execution Platform.

SiliconBeat's write up is here.

I'm sure there are more than a few people in the TV industry wondering why they didn't do this years ago.

This might eventually dovetail with what's going on in PC-based digital A/V production & editing, as well as the growth of rich media ads online.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ajax-based Language Translator

This from Johan Bosini's blog:

Do you speak internet?
The world is said to be getting smaller. This is not only due to travel being faster, cheaper and more frequent - but also due to language being less of a problem. Take a look at

It’s an on-the-fly Ajax application that creates real-time translations between English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French. Very slick.
Ajax Translator, like Babel Fish, is useful for crude communication that translates one word at a time or that has the same grammatical structure in both language, but it does not allow for grammatical inconsistencies. For more complicated communications the back end quickly falls behind.

If this type of translation gets better and can be easily incorporated into any website, ignorance of other cultures and viewpoints will take a big hit...

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