Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging My Recent SEM/SEO/Display Tweets

If you follow my blog but not my tweets you might wonder if I'm in a coma or something, as I'm [like many others, I suspect] blogging less and Tweeting, LinkedIning and Facebooking more. That said here's a recap of my <140-character observations, from most recent to oldest:

SERountable poll: 43% of SEO's say traffic down since Google redesign, & only 13% say traffic's up. Monopoly money IMO (May 27)

Title of SEO forum post yesterday: "Is 1st place organic worthless without Adwords campaign?" Directionally accurate. (May 27)

Interesting stats from DataXu showing how volatility in display CPMs dwarfs that of paid search (May 25)

Map by Brent Halliburton shows the interconnected web of funding for ad tech companies, organized by functional groups (May 25)

@ppc_tools Can you please stop posting the same tweet?!? "The most efficient frontier in PPC..." It's gettin' old. #stale (May 13)

RT @fabianabartholo visualize people's innermost thoughts, compare google suggest results... (May 11)

As usual, interesting cutting-edge SEM data from RKG, this time on types of searchers (May 10)

Algo(s) run amok caused 1000-pt drop in the Dow b4 market recovered. It's odd that's never happened with SEM bid algos (May 6)

UK SEM guru Nick Morley just told me about three UK SEM agencies that've gone belly-up recently. Innovate or die a debt-filled death. (May 5)

RT @searchbeest If there are any i-level people who are great SEM/PPC operators, Efficient Frontier is recruiting at all levels. Get in touch. (May 5)

Of all the Internet stocks I track (65 total), only 6 are up today (VPRT, SAPE, OSTK, UNCA, TRAD.ST & 0700.HK (May 4)

Interesting (but not surprising) that Google & Facebook are both buyingGoogle ads on 'How to advertise on Twitter'. (May 3)

Ex-Efficient Frontier sales guy Tim Krozek goes to to run BD, stock then goes up 12%. NASDAQ: SPRT. (Apr 30)

Trying to make sense of where the bewildering world of display advertising technology is going? Jerry Neumann's take: (Apr 29)

Here's as good a definition of 'DSP' as any I've seen. Many DSP's are actually DST's. (Apr 29)

The Display Adv'g Tech Landscape PDF from GCA Savvian: 144 entities, 137 companies, of which ~6 have been acq'd. Consolidation ahead... (Apr 29)

SharesPost valuations for Zynga, FB, Twitter & LinkedIn up 13.8% recently, on average. (Apr 27)

Is Facebook's Like button distribution damaging to social sharing firms? I don't know, but trend info suggests so (Apr 26)

I've got on my To-Do list to move to a new blogging platform, one goal of which will be to incorporate my social media stream...

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