Thursday, September 13, 2012

Facebook Exchange: The Next Big Direct Response Channel

Now that Facebook has lifted the PR embargo, I can tell you what I've been working on these past six months: getting ready for the next big paid marketing channel after SEM. Triggit - the display advertising technology firm I joined earlier this year - is one of the initial launch partners for Facebook Exchange, as detailed on Triggit's blog.

Triggit's core business is retargeting on Facebook Exchange for large direct response advertisers.  Having deployed and optimized FBX campaigns since its inception, we know this will be the next big marketing channel after SEM, not just a side project. 

To succeed in the ad market Comscore says is 28% of the Internet's ad impressions, advertisers & agencies need a Facebook Exchange partner that has a scalable bidding system, FBX-ready dynamic creative, server-side cookie store to enable necessary ROI tracking, and Facebook-specific bidding algorithms. Advertisers should demand a flexible pricing model and no long-term contracts - that's Triggit, and we're ready, today.

Here's a video that explains Facebook Exchange and Triggit's role in it; take a look, and reach out to me [ chris at triggit dot com ] if you'd like more details.

Facebook Exchange is the next big channel for large direct response SEM advertisers, and it looks like SEM did back in 2001 = wide open for conquer!


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