Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jeremy Lin: A Palo Alto Local Article Compendium

We Palo Altans have always had much to be proud of, whether in search engine marketing (Google's first office was above a yogurt shop on our main street), technology (Facebook, HP, Zerox, dozens of other majors) or music (The Grateful Dead, Joan Baez). But it is Jeremy Lin who most completely captures what is best about Palo Alto. So that people can get a better perspective on Linsanity's uniquely Palo Altan nature, I've put together a list of the most insightful locally-written articles, including several from Palo Alto High School's own publications. Of particular note is the first one ('Jeremy Lin: My Reflection On Our State Championship') which is to team sports what Rousseau's Confessions were to self-awareness; Enjoy!

1. *You will get chills* reading this Paly Campanile piece written by Lin himself, in which he reflects as wisely, humbly and truthfully upon the concept of 'team' as has ever been done.

2. MaxPreps article (includes many photos of their state championship game in 2006)

3. SJ Mercury article on Lin Palo Alto memorabilia - in
cluding his JLS jr hs yearbook - going on eBay for Linsane prices

4. Article from the Paly Voice, w/reactions from Paly students. Great photo of him after winning state championship

5. JLin Palo Alto HS photo gallery

6. JLin PAHS photo gallery #2 (SJ Merc)


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