Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ajax-based Language Translator

This from Johan Bosini's blog:

Do you speak internet?
The world is said to be getting smaller. This is not only due to travel being faster, cheaper and more frequent - but also due to language being less of a problem. Take a look at http://ajax.parish.ath.cx/translator/

It’s an on-the-fly Ajax application that creates real-time translations between English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French. Very slick.
Ajax Translator, like Babel Fish, is useful for crude communication that translates one word at a time or that has the same grammatical structure in both language, but it does not allow for grammatical inconsistencies. For more complicated communications the back end quickly falls behind.

If this type of translation gets better and can be easily incorporated into any website, ignorance of other cultures and viewpoints will take a big hit...


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