Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Search Wars - Vinny Nails It

Just read a great blog post by Vinny Lingham, Chief Strategy Officer of South African affiliate/search arbitrage & technology incubator firm incuBeta. In it he clearly explains what it is about Google's model that Yahoo and MSN are missing. Rather than me trying vainly to paraphrase, just read what Vinny has to say.


Blogger Johan Bosini said...

Although I agree with Vinny 100% in that MSN and Yahoo have been chasing Google for some time now, I think that further to his in-depth reasons there is another simple reason for MSN and Yahoo are lagging behind and it is nothing more than consumers wanting simplicity. Google is a search engine with other really cool functionaility (if you choose to use it). MSN and Yahoo are portals (news, email etc) and have a search engine too (should you choose to use it).

Google has managed to keep things simple. Simplicity is both sacred and central to competitive advantage for comapnies like google. This is just another reason I love google so much. They also have allowed for people to choose what content they wish to see with a nifty site at Microsoft is hot on their heels too with a funky customisable desktop style web platform called START. See where you can have all sorts of RSS feeds and email and and and. Hold on, we are getting complicated already... back to the plain white page with nothing else but a search bar in it... (Vinny in our case it will default to ... smart people ... like you said).

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