Friday, February 10, 2006

SES NYC Social Calendar

As a member of the SEM community I feel it is my duty to make everyone aware of all the opportunities we'll have at SES NYC to

-discuss the relative merits of Google and Yahoo's match types
-ponder the future of pay per call, auction-based TV ads and search CTR
-see how few in the vendor community actually have anything intelligent to say
-be in NYC for 2-4 nights
-rage like we were back in college
-see Tim Mayer in action (if nightlife skills were all that mattered, Y! Search would be *killing* Google right now)
-size up the competition, and perhaps put the swords down for just long enough to tie one on.

But where to start? Enter Joe Morin, grandfather of the search marketing conference party scene. While you may know him as one of the world's top 100 SEO experts, his main contribution is in ensuring that as many people as possible know about as many conference-related parties as possible.

To wit, he's put together the Official SES NYC 2006 Party & Events Schedule page on SearchEngineWatch.

YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED. If you know of any parties going on during SES NYC, post them on Joe's SEW Party page. The search marketing community needs your input!


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