Monday, February 13, 2006

Qualities of a great startup opportunity

OK, this is just a quick cut and paste, but I thought it was worth sharing. Here's a list of the top 25 characteristics of a great startup opportunity, as compiled by Sam Decker, an Austin-based marketing exec who just joined BazaarVoice, an Austin Ventures firm helping companies harness the power of word of mouth marketing.

BazaarVoice is interesting in and of itself, but I'm short on time today. Good luck in the new gig, Sam - I've been fortunate to read your marketing blog the last two years.

Defendable and differentiated
Competitive cost structure
Attractive partnership opportunities
Repeat customers
Word of mouth opportunity
Memorable product and name
Potential for PR
Attractive to be bought or merged
Scaleable staff and systems
Scaleable product -- build once, sell many times
Niche market or fragmented industry
High velocity and large market / industry
High perceived value
Product can be accessorized – revenue synergies
Healthy cash flow –> margin x velocity
Demonstrable felt need, demand – does it hit a primal chord?
Business can be measured for improvement
Can claim leadership
Sales model is scaleable and predictable
Product evokes emotion
Can make big wins – big customers
Limited exposure to legal issues
Own relationship with and information about customers


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