Thursday, May 11, 2006

Are We Heavier Than Heavy Search Users?

I attended Gian Fulgoni of Comscore's presentation at Web 2.0 in October 2004, wherein he said that 'heavy' search users conduct 109 searches/month vs 26 for moderate searchers and 6 for light searchers; something tells me that 109 searches/month is now what light to moderate searchers do, and that truly heavy searchers do far more. In order to test this hypothesis, I thought I'd try and encourage others to add up their Oct-May Google queries so we can see how much we use Google. Being that my readership is 100-200 [mostly SEM] folks, perhaps if you're as interested as I am in the answer you could spread this poll around?

If you click on 'Search History' at the upper right of your Google home page (this assumes you have a GMail account), you can then click on 'Trends' and look at how many searches you've done on a monthly basis. Me:

October: 195
November: 312
December: 250
January: 430
February: 262
March: 338
April: 245
May: 268 (to date)
Total since May 19, 2005 (when I first enabled 'Search History'): 3351

How about you?


Blogger John K said...

I'm averaging 354 a month for the last year. I think trends is cumulative, because my Mar, Apr, May numbers are all above 600.

8:21 PM

Blogger searchquant said...

The 'Daily search activity' chart is cumulative, but the monthly one is not, as evidenced by my own monthly tallies corresponding perfectly to the sum of the daily tallies on the calendar view of search activity.

Great blog on terrorism, by the way.


7:35 AM

Blogger mark said...

I've done 5,689 searches (it's 6/11/06 today) since activating search history on 4/20/05.

oct 401
nov 314
dec 392
jan 513
feb 339
mar 435

Thereafter it overlaps so you can't tell for sure.

3:44 PM


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