Monday, February 05, 2007

P2P, TCP/IP, Triangle Offense & Team D

I was reading a great dialogue between Mark Cuban - he of and Dallas Mavericks fame - and Bram Cohen (the founder of BitTorrent), and it occurred to me that I've never, ever heard of anyone who is so conversant in both technology and basketball.

I've played basketball since I was 10 years old (my high school team won the CA state championships in 2005 and back in 1993, yeah baby), and if there was any place you could expect to find techno-hoopsters it would be Palo Alto H.S.; after all, Paly's right across from Stanford, the epicenter of geeks with skills. It never happened, though. Sure, we had a 2nd-string point guard who went on to found his own startup, a power forward who played at Gonzaga, but never did we have someone who understand the Triangle Offense *and* P2P in the same breath.

You just tend not to see people who know so much about both worlds. Reading Cuban's critique of BitTorrent, however, it emerges that not only can the guy properly motivate an elite group of NBA players and arm them with unbreakable defensive skills, but he also knows a ton about P2P, TCP/IP and last-mile bandwidth constraints.

That's my kind of Renaissance Man...


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