Friday, November 03, 2006

Searching for Votes

No, I'm not asking for you to vote for EF for any industry award. Rather, I'm letting you know how I'll be voting in next week's California elections:

1A -
1E - NO. Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention are the responsibility of local and federal gov'ts, not the state.
83 - NO. California already has some of the most aggressive laws in place to deal with sex offenders, and this one is too expensive. Keeping track of sex offenders FOREVER will cost way too much money.
84 - NO. Again, Flood Prevention should be paid for by local and federal gov'ts, not state, and this one would cost taxpayers $10B = way too much.
85 - YES. While liberal pediatricians want you to believe that pregnant minors risk bodily harm from their families when coming forward with pregnancy news, I firmly believe 99% of parents will do the right thing if confronted with such news. In any event, the government is the last entity I want getting overly involved in teen pregnancy. Parents are parents, and this proposition takes away parents' ability to fulfill their obligations to... parent.
86 - NO. Studies have shown overly taxing cigarettes leads to lower overall tax receipts. Let's focus on lowering govt spending, not increasing taxes.
87 - NO, NO, NO, NO.
88 - NO. I'd prefer to put my own money to work in education locally where I can have more of an impact where I feel it needs to be felt.
89 - NO. Given that the media is already in the clutches of the Democrats, I don't want that unlevel playing field used to Democrats' further advantage.
90 - NO. The cost exposure of this proposition is open-ended, something we should always avoid.


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