Monday, October 09, 2006

AdWords Account Hijacked To Attack... David Lamond?

I logged in to my AdWords account today (my personal account from which I run campaigns from time to time), and noticed that someone got access to my account and created an adgroup whose goal is to personally attack David Lamond, son of Pierre Lamond.

I had never heard of either David or Pierre before, but it turns out Pierre was one of the cofounders of National Semiconductor, and is also a VC at Sequoia Capital. I don't know what his son David does for a living, but apparently someone who knows AdWords thought little enough of him to take the time to hack their way into my AdWords account (and others' accounts) and start a campaign to drive traffic to a blog titled but which redirects to Jerry Fripp is listed as the blog owner, but the name's obviously fictitious.

Given the high number of views to the target blog's profile page, it would appear as though others' AdWords accounts have been similarly penetrated.

It's strange enough that someone has taken the time to do such a thing, stranger still that they've used AdWords to do it, and a bit scary that they appear to have been able to get into multiple AdWords accounts to perform their attack on other peoples' dimes.

If Jerry Fripp actually exists, then he's just been framed by someone with a serious grudge against David Lamond.



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