Friday, September 22, 2006

ClickZ Podium Slimed By Jumpy Frog

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know I like competition - it's part of any good market, and without it working wouldn't be nearly as interesting, nor would customers get as much value out of vendors.

Recently I blogged on portfolio algorithms in search marketing, and how competitors grasping for straws in the face of our success have alternately 1)copied our message; 2)attempted to dilute its meaning; or 3)discounted - without any substance I might add - the effectiveness of applying portfolio algorithms to paid search campaigns.

Around the same time, I responded on SearchEngineWatch forums to someone who wanted to know how portfolio optimization applies to search marketing. Interestingly, the CEO of a firm we've for the most part crushed in the marketplace poked his head in to the forums he previously had never participated in, using his position of standing in the SEM community to try and undermine our firm's unique, advantageous portfolio algorithm approach to SEM.

Faced with such a vague, imprecise attack on the fundamental advantages of our well-established portfolio algorithms over the rules-based technology he and other firms currently employ, I put his obfuscation to rest in a subsequent post.

The saga continued today when said CEO used his ClickZ podium to repeat his arguments. Interestingly, he chose not only to ignore the reason he wrote the article in the first place, but also to address my response which, as I said, pretty much blows his arguments out of the water. That said, let me clear the record for my [limited] readership:

1)Neither man nor amphibian has been able to rationally argue against the overwhelming advantages of portfolio algorithms applied to paid search campaigns.

2)In light of the soft & easy-to-pierce underbelly of rules-based SEM firms and my firm's success in leading the market because of it, competitors really have no choice but to:

-speak mumbo-jumbo
-cling to research firms' whose opinions have never mattered yet always been up for sale

When I first learned about my firm's unique technology and approach to maximizing large search campaigns, I *knew* it was something that would help advertisers do better than the rest. Through hard work that continues to this day, that has come to pass, and seeing once-mighty competitors thrashing in vain only makes victory all the sweeter.


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