Friday, September 01, 2006

Greeks - a dominant force in basketball

The Greek national team thoroughly outplayed the American team in the FIBA World Championship semi-finals today in Japan, sending the message that their numerous recent 2005 European championship was not a fluke.

I'm 100% Greek (dad born in Athens, mom born in Chicago but of Greek natives), and for today I am conveniently basking in the glory of all things Greek. It's also great to see the following names on a hoops roster:

Sofoklis Schortsianitis, aka "Baby Shaq"
Vassilis Spanoulis
Theodoros Papaloukas, aka John Stocktonopoulous
Mihalis Kakiouzis
Dimitris Diamantidis

We Greeks have more to offer than gyros, armless statues, shipping magnates and hairy chests...

Christophoros Georgilakis Zaharias


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