Monday, August 14, 2006

Oppressive Middle East States: A Citizenry Thirsting For Change

I've recently been running a large paid search campaign in about 30 countries, whose goal is to get Wafa Sultan's message seen by as many Western, European and Middle Eastern people as possible, in the hopes that it educates and thus drains ignorant support for the Islamic extremists/fascists who've been causing mayhem since 1983.

Interestingly, Iran, whose population is roughly 20% that of the U.S., is getting 43% of the traffic of the U.S., and both Saudi Arabia and Egypt are getting 25% of the traffic of the U.S. despite being 3%+ and 20% of the size of the U.S., respectively.

This tells me that certain non-trivial elements of the populations of oppressive, theocratic and/or autocratic states are responding to Wafa's message. Wafa is a secular Syrian-American whose stinging indictment of Islamic terrorists makes clear where the moral high ground sits in the battle against terror, and underscores the reasons why Islamic fundamentalism must be killed at the roots if Middle East populations are to thrive as we do in liberal Western democracies.

I'll repeat something I've said before: paid search is the most useful tool we have at our disposal in the fight for the minds that need educating if support for Islamic terrorism is to be eradicated.


Blogger mark said...

Brilliant. Nice job. How much have you spent and how many viewers have you gotten.

3:22 PM

Blogger searchquant said...

I'm spending ~US$250/day, getting about 750 clicks/day, 30% of which is seach and 70% Google Content, across ~200 keywords.

3:47 PM

Blogger mabris said...

These tips are nice to read.


7:36 AM


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