Thursday, July 20, 2006

The [Short] Story of Google's Maximizer

Those of you in the search marketing industry know about the group of people within Google who are called 'maximizers'. Their role is to provide assistance in helping advertisers maximize the success of their AdWords campaigns. Like me, you probably assumed that the name 'maximizer' was coined to reflect their functional role.

Guess again. I met with a Google maximizer recently who told me that way back when Google was a baby there was a guy named Max who was the only/primary person providing optimization assistance to Google's early advertiser base. As that role grew and many (now probably 100+ worldwide) more people performed that role, the term 'maximizer' was coined, based on the guy Max who held the original role.

Now you know.

Chris Zaharias
aka 'The Cliff Clavin of SEM'


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