Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free 411 Calls - Coming To A Phone Near You

I learned recently about 800Free411, a firm that's trying to wring 6.5B calls per year (and $5B+ in revenues) from the cold, hard cluthes of the telco's. As you can guess, they're offering free 411 calls (which normally cost $1+/each) in return for callers listening to 1-2 ads.

They get 10M+ calls/month, but I don't think it'll take too long for them to get a sizable chunk of the total 411 market; after all, who wouldn't want to cut $5-$10/month from their phone bill?

A bunch of our existing customers are already using them, and I can imagine search advertisers will find their inventory very enticing for its high level of buying intent and captive audience.

It also makes me think that the ad-supported calling model will eventually make its way in to the rest of your telephone bill. If individuals and companies had a choice between huge phone bills and smaller bills thanks to partial or total ad support, I would expect tens of millions of people to sign on, wouldn't you?


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