Thursday, January 25, 2007 & Maverick's - Best Search Sponsorship...Ever

I received the below email from Sean Cummings, Director of Marketing at On the heels of a great Web2.0 conference after-party, is sponsoring the upcoming Maverick's Big Wave Surf Contest. Tubular details from Sean below. If you love big waves and paid search, this is The Event Of 2007. I will see you there:

"...hella-stoked! (practicing my NorCal speak) ... So if anyone is interested in crazy people riding 40' waves over jagged rocks in frigid water check here to get the lowdown. The contest goes off on only 24 hours notice; probably in the next two weeks, but that depends on the swells coming in. You can go here and signup for a text alert to find out when it's on.

And if anyone is in San Francisco, pop on down to our tent at the event when the contest is on to say hi. I will be suffering, having to take a day off and hang out at the beach all day, watching crazy people from the booth. Just click here and find out how to get there, or here and get directions from AskCity :)"

[Travel logistics note from a buddy who's gone the last few years:
If you drive some good advice would be to throw your bike in the rear of your rig – park at the Safeway (end of highway 92) & ride the mile or so to pillar point. The traffic the last two years has been bumper to bumper form highway 92 to the town of Princeton where mavericks is located. This little 2 mile stretch can take over an hour or even two - there is no parking at all @ Mavericks so you will have to park at the little airport down the road & be shuttled in. Even better advice is to drive over highway 84 (through la Honda stop at Applejacks have some breakfast & a beer) take a right on highway 1 & then up the road to where the traffic starts, park & ride ]


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