Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Before The Fall

A certain large search engine contacted me about a job opportunity today, and I responded. Pride is sometimes good, but hubris is always bad. For amusement read the recruiter's letter to me, and mine back below. Should I send her a reading assignment?

From: [A Certain Search Engine's Recruiter]
To: Me
Subject: [Said Search Engine]


I came across your resume and thought you might be interested in a
Leadership position here at ______. If you would be interested in
further discussing this opportunity, I would be happy to arrange a time to
further discuss more details.

Job Title: Leadership, Online Operations - HQ

If you would like to be considered for this position, please respond to
this email with an updated copy of your resume in a Word or PDF format.
However, if you are not interested or happily employed, feel free to pass
it along to people in your network



Hi ______,

Thanks for contacting me. I'm happy here at Efficient Frontier; we're managing 3-4% of total worldwide search spending on behalf of our clients, and I've been with the company since its inception in 2003.

Don't take this the wrong way, but telling me I should "feel free to pass it along to people" in my network, or that I "might be interested in a Leadership position" at ______ presumes it's a privilege to be recruited by ______. With the stock having peaked and 2007 looking to be the year the valuation bubble bursts, I think ______'s going to have to show a bit more humility going forward if it's to continue the success it's had to date. I would be an incredibly valuable contributor to ________'s success were I to work there, but _________ is by no means the only game in town.


Blogger John K said...

Ha. Rather smart-alecky of you.

Presumptuous is declaring that the stock has peaked... (are you so sure that you are shorting it now?)

OTOH - I'm just glad you are blogging again...

11:12 PM


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