Saturday, August 01, 2009

Did proper nouns all of a sudden become low-quality?

A small but noticeable group of SEM experts have noticed that Google's AdWords system has recently lowered the Quality Score for many of the proper nouns they buy. Forum discussion on Webmasterworld is here.

First Google opens up trademark bidding to boost otherwise flagging revenues, and now all of a sudden they're deeming proper nouns lower quality (and thus lower Quality Score) for which there was no change in landing page. This can mean one of two things IMO:

1) Google has identified a keyword sector that will bear higher CPC's and is inflicting them;
2) Someone at Google thinks proper nouns are worth more because they're, well, proper

Either way, I see hot burning coals under the feet of proper nouns, while adjectives, predicates, adverbs and conjunctions go untouched...


Blogger david said...

Chris, Google has had a long-standing animus against adjectives. For example, you can't use the word "best" in ad text. Additionally, words like "the" and "and" are basically ignored entirely as part of the keyword-query.

This reminds me of a quote from Germany in the 1930s:

First they came for the adjectives, but I wasn't an adjective, so I did nothing;

Then they came for the conjunctions, but I wasn't a conjunction, so I did nothing;

Then they came for the proper nouns, but I wasn't a proper noun, so I did nothing;

Then they came for me (first person pronoun?), and there was no one left to help me.

10:08 AM


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