Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LAST CHANCE: SearchQuant SEM March Madness, $2K Prize Money, NO BUY-IN.

In case you missed my earlier post, here's your last chance to get in on the SearchQuant SEM March Madness Tourney. $2000 in prize money, no buy-in (see, I told you it was 'March Madness'). So far we have 31 people registered to play, including folks from:

Efficient Frontier
Rimm-Kaufman Group
multiple SEM consultants and SEM advertisers

In the spirit of the Olympics, many SEM competitors will lay down their swords temporarily, only to take them up again once the Madness that is March is over.

At some point I'm gonna realize how stupid this was on my part, so register before I do and let the Madness course through your veins.

Registration link is here, and you have until Midnight tonight (Wednesday) to register and make your picks.


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