Friday, February 06, 2009

Your Next 4 Conferences - Here They Are

Wow, that was the longest SearchQuant blog posting hiatus of all time; if a were a millionaire I'd hire a ghost-writer...

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I'll be participating in the following three conferences:

SMX West
Feb 10-12, Santa Clara, CA
I'll be doing a Q&A session with a customer of ours - Brandon Proctor of Improvement Direct - Wednesday 10:20-10:40am at Theatre B, and my colleague Chris Knoch will be on the 'Measuring Search & Offline Marketing Success' panel Tuesday 1:15-2:30.

Omniture Summit
Feb 17-20, Salt Lake City, Utah (Salt Palace)
This is Omniture's own conference and brings together 1000+ companies who in the aggregate represent 30%+ of all online advertising budgets. Reasons to go:

-Chance to attend interesting sessions covering SEM, analytics, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting, and multichannel optimization
-The conference organizers, in their infinite wisdom, have roped off Friday for skiing in Utah

March 4-5
The Mirage, Vegas [baby]
David Rodnitzky, Frank Lee, Michael Yang and I will talk about mastering PPC in the lead gen space, Thursday March 5 10:45-11:30am. This is a much more important conference than most people think; lead gen firms are the legitimate side of the cutting edge in online marketing, and for the most part the lead gen space is much further along in customer acquisition and conversion optimization than most other sectors. [Vegas baby]

PubCon Austin
March 11-13, Austin
If you're in Texas, you live large, but can you handle Large Scale Bid Management? That'll be the topic Wednesday March 11th 11:30am-12:45pm and I'll be there along with Kate Morris, Did-It Chief Frog Kevin Lee and an as-yet unnamed Googler, who if we're lucky will have a Jim Carey moment when extolling the virtues of Conversion Optimizer, Google's SEM tool, for which Google charges a 18% of spend fee directly in your AdWords account.

C'mon people, don't let a global economic depression get in the way of your conference attendance. And if anyone questions why you're going to any of these conference, tell them it's experiential marketing.


Blogger chregan said...

Yes, Experiential Marketing.

Great interview, by the way, Chris, on Stone Temple Consulting.

12:53 PM

Blogger searchquant said...

Thanks for the comment, and glad you liked the Stone Temple interview!

1:09 PM


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