Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Google Match Type: Mis-Match

After reading this weekend that Google is widening the Automatic Matching beta, I chimed in on WMW and said my $0.02, which is that Automatic Match is about as pro-advertiser as Microsoft's forced Vista upgrade is pro-enterprise.

For those who haven't heard of Automatic Match, it's a new ad-to-query matching option (currently in beta) whereby Google looks across its advertiser accounts, finds accounts with unspent budgets and broadens the ad-to-query matching with the goal of spending the remainder of the advertisers' budgets - while being relevant.

Note, though, that this is very different from a match type that would try first to be relevant, and second to spend advertisers' budgets.

Very different. Very different. Very different. Very different.

Within a few weeks the SEM and online marketing community will be talking about this, but for now there are just a few of us crazies walking around SF, SEM Frank Chu's so to speak, trying to tell the world about the coming flood of ad dollars, the looming SEM Stupidity Tax, yes, the imminent Mis-Match.

There's not much for me to do on this one, but for some reason that last scene from Dumb & Dumber comes to mind where they pass up on the two-month oil-boy tour of duty aboard the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Tour bus.

Don't miss the bus that is a proper match type strategy.


Blogger Fig said...

The biggest takeaway is that users will be automatically opted in unless they change their account by June 3rd. For most of us, that's reasonable and we'll know to opt out.

What will be interesting is what happens to the folks who have no clue about search and manage large programs or the SMBs & newbies who dabble in search but don't understand it.

These are the folks that will end up spending dollars on Automatic Matching traffic (defined as "relevant search queries not already captured by your keywords... based on ....the content of the landing pages, ads, and keywords in your ad group.")

For some reason, I'm envisioning situations where people have really high campaign budgets that they have forgotten about ($10K/day when they are only spending 1K/day) and they forget to opt out of automatic matching.

Should be interesting...

2:20 PM


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