Thursday, February 21, 2008

Affiliate Summit West (Vegas) Pass for Sale: $500

Sorry for commercializing Searchquant for a moment, but I have a full conference pass to the Affiliate Summit West conference Sun-Tue February 24-26 and can't go due to a schedule conflict. The conference is Sold Out, and did I mention it's in VEGAS?

I paid $949 (Early Bird price) for this full conference pass, and will sell it for $500 to the first taker. Email me at searchquant at mac dot com if you're interested. I have the online receipt (which shows $949) so if you lose too much money gambling, all you have to do is submit the $949 receipt with your expense report and you can crawl $449 of the way out of whatever hole you dig yourself.

And who knows who you might meet in Vegas? I met my wife there, poolside at the Tropicana...


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