Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Facebook Local Advertising Anecdote

A high school buddy of mine who's a residential real estate broker here in Silicon Valley just came over to my house so I could show him what's possible with Facebook. In 10 minutes we created a Facebook ad campaign showing a home he's listing, and since we launched the campaign 10 minutes ago he's gotten 1200+ impressions.

He was stunned by how easy & powerful Facebook is as an advertising platform. You & I may already know this, but it sure feels like Facebook is soon going to start getting serious amounts of revenue from local advertisers.

UPDATE: since launching the campaign ~1pm PST today, we're now up to 55,000 impressions and 43 click-throughs 3 hours later, at $0.26 CPC. Granted, we could get a 2-5X higher CTR if we spent more than 2 minutes on ad copy and 2 on targeting, but shit man, this is a serious level of traffic for one individual real estate agent, and 1/4th the CPC he'd pay on Google or Yahoo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm doing a bit of Facebook advertising myself for recruitment. The ability to select a clutch of media agencies and technology companies is very useful!

Facebook still have a long way to go with usability though. I needed to change the picture in the ad, and I had to recreate it from scratch. Also because there's no average position like Google, I have no idea what difference moving my CPC makes. Some indication about impression share etc would be very useful.

2:14 AM

Blogger Dennis Yu said...

This is a great story-- if you improve your images and your CTR, you can get down to under 10 cents a click. Local is a HUGE category and opportunity on Facebook-- congratulations!

8:01 AM

Blogger Anika said...

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1:47 AM


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