Sunday, September 30, 2007

SearchQuant Top 5 All-Time Posts

In the interests of saving you all the time of going into the SearchQuant archives for The Best of SearchQuant, I've created a list of my top 5 posts of all time (as measured by views):

#1 - Expanded Broad Match: Taming the Beast
#2 - A Brief History of Bid Management (YouTube video)
#3 - F#@k Click Fraud, It's Distribution Fraud That Matters
#4 - Does SEM Cannibalize SEO? Not Likely In The Real World
#5 - Get Off My Portfolio Algorithms

*NOTE: this post is serving a dual purpose, dual meaning I'm running a Facebook Flyer CPC-based ad on the Facebook networks for Yahoo and Google employees, basically to see what kind of CTR I can pull within Facebook's CPC-based ad format.


Blogger David Kalen said...

Such posts should be published more often!

5:25 AM


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