Thursday, August 27, 2009 Digital Marketing Insight

I am excited to let you know that today we launch, a new site that delivers digital marketing insight and resources to help marketing executives lead in the digital age.

Online marketing has become strategic to CMOs. As Omniture has expanded its Online Marketing Suite, we have become more and more involved in “big picture” conversations with C-Level executives about their strategy to move from traditional forms of marketing such as TV, radio and print to digital marketing.

I hope Searchquant readers will find to be a valuable resource to them going forward, and one you'll visit regularly.


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Blogger Irene Albertson said...

I didn't know about CMO and just found out about it here. I'm not a CMO but I do handle digital marketing at my company, so CMO looks like it will be very helpful. I especially like the 3 month media plan, we've got ours under control, but so many companies don't. That's just what they need.

2:21 PM

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