Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Real Shoe Money

When you hear the name ShoeMoney in the world of search it's synonymous with Jeremy Schoemaker, the SEO/AdSense guy who prints money due to his insane SEO and AdSense skills.

But here on Searchquant I'm writing to literally ask you for... shoe money.

I've become a Soldier's Angel to an entire U.S. platoon stationed in Afghanistan, my role being to help them out in any way they can while they hunt for bad guys in the mountains and generally put themselves in harms way.

So far myself and a group of like-minded people have sent them 20+ pairs of the ballistic-grade sunglasses they needed along with a ton of snacks. Now, though, I want to try and get them each a pair of the boots they need for the 2-3 day patrols they're conducting in the mountains of Afghanistan in order to engage an enemy funded by countries whose gas we buy.

The shoes will cost ~US$2000 (includes shipping). If anyone's interested in playing angel to soldiers overseas and in harm's way, email me at chris dot zaharias @ gmail dot com letting me know how much you're in for, or PayPal me at the same email address; I'm not supposed to divulge the soldiers' names or exact location, but can give you more details in private.

No matter what we all think about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they're our soldiers and are fighting our wars, right?

Thanks to everyone who helps out!


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