Thursday, November 10, 2005

Interesting Things To Do With Keyword Ads

1. Send that special someone an email saying "Go look up [that special someone's name] on Google", and have an AdWords ad saying something nice. Or if the contractor who built your home has only completed 4/22 items on the punch list 7 months after your move in date, have the AdWords ad say something not so nice.

2. Write Adwords haiku and upend the traditional publishing model by *losing* money when people click on your poetry. Better yet, if the Poetry Foundation (which was recently endowed with over $150M by the heir to the Eli Lilly fortune to promote poetry online) sees this blog, give anyone who wants to $50 to run poems on Adwords. On the topic of poetry in SEM, you *must* read this 2002 article by Christophe Bruno titled 'The price of words : towards a generalized semantic capitalism'. Battelle mentioned it last year on his blog I believe.

3. Be the first to spot the paid search equivalent of Proust's 'Remembrance of Things Past', a circular paid search journey consisting of something like this: an Adwords ad leading to a page with Overture ads leading to a page with the original ad in AdSense. Given that ~10% of Google's UK revenues come from people doing ppc arbitrage, this has to exist somewhere. Whoever finds it first gets a free Shorebreak T-Shirt (that's my Webmasterworld handle).


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